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What is Salsa?

It's art, history, culture, freedom, expression and life...

It's a movement...

It's our lifestyle!


Latin Verve Dance Company was founded in Pune on 9th July, 2014, by Anuraag Kanetkar and Saumya Joshi. Anuraag has been dancing Salsa for 6 years, while Saumya has a background in ballroom dancing before she got introduced to Salsa two years ago. They could not help but fall in love with the verve of Salsa and this led them to pursue it as a career.

They have trained with the following highly accomplished and recognised instructors

  • Berenice Martinez and Sumeet Chawla of Exponential Art Dance Company, Canada
  • Sovit Biswal and Satyaki Saha of Mambo City India
  • Alex Diaz of Furor, India
  • Andrea Ratazzi and Stefania Civilla, Estudio Tropical, Italy
  • Leonardo Terzulli, Full Project, Italy

They plan on continuing to train and grow, as social dancers, performers and instructors!

Today, they take immense pride in sharing the love for Salsa with their students and dancers all over their city through classes and salsa nights. To them, it's not just a dance form - it's a way of life. If you'd like to add a little Salsa to your lifestyle, this is the place for you!


Regular Classes

We conduct regular group classes around Pune. Contact us to find the branch nearest to you!

Private Lessons

Private sessions are one of the most effective ways to take your dancing to the next level. These sessions can be scheduled according to our mutual convenience, where the instructors come to you and customise the lessons as per your requirements.

Corporate Workshops

Latin Verve Dance Company also offers specialised workshops at corporate offices throughout the city. These can be organised for a quarterly or annual event, or as a series of workshops for your employees. The choreography will be planned according to the event or the number of workshops required.

Choreography and Shows

Latin Verve Dance Company offers choreography for corporate events as well as weddings, customised to fit the client’s requirements. Anuraag and Saumya are also available for shows themselves. Their routines showcase elements of hip-hop, freestyle, and ballroom, all with a base of Eddie Torres style classic mambo.


Give us a call at 8408858980 or write us a mail to [email protected].